About Valerie Bybee Photography

I believe everyone has Deep Beauty/Deep Courage (Virtue). Sometimes it gets hidden among all the noise of the world but especially in the choice of attire. I believe strongly that one doesn't need to dress immodestly in order to be beautiful and courageous, that the best kind of beauty and courage comes from deep within. The kind that shines through your eyes and your smile. The kind that can only be seen when the focus is on your face and not on the skin the world tells us we need to show. There in lies the Deep Beauty, the Deep Courage that exists in all of us.

My journey started when I wanted to capture that in others, to show the world that modest dress isn't just about showing less skin, it's about showing the real beauty, the real courage, the virtue that exists in all of us, but most of the time lays hidden inside, because we think that what the world tells us is what we need to show.

If you feel you would like for me to capture that in yourself and are a believer in modest attire, please feel free to contact me and I would love to schedule a photo shoot with you. Please know and understand that I photograph modest attire only and I understand if that doesn't meet your needs in a photo session. There are many excellent photographers practicing the art of photography that I would be happy to refer you to.

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